Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you return straight back to the shop with your goods, have a look at these 'frequently asked questions'.

What should I do if I'm missing a component?

Send an email. We'll make an effort to help you.

Can I play a puzzle more often than just once?

Just like in a true Escape Room you and with the mysteries can play with once; if you know the solution, in the end, it's no fun. The game itself, though, could be played again. It's possible to virtually all the items that you utilize throughout play (indicated with a printing icon) via the website.

Are there any expansion packs on the way?

Yes! Keep an eye on this particular page for news of the expansions.

Where could I find that the things so that I can print them back again?

On this website click on the action for that you want to reprint the products. Click on downloads and those items will be displayed. Click on the pdf and also the item will open or be downloaded. Take note. You are able to print such as a double-sided print or if you don't have that option 2 prints can be printed by you and then stick them together.

Where can I find that the solution to the puzzles?

On this website goes through the action for which you would like to get into the solution. Click on Walkthrough and you're going to be provided with a challenge. That would be to prevent you accidentally downloading the answer before you've played with the match. Click on show walkthrough and you'll be given a pdf for download.

Golf Clash

Take note: if you're not going to play with with with the game for any amount of time, always remove the batteries, to prevent leakage.

When I enter the suitable code it says that it's wrong.

The batteries could be vacant. Be sure to have batteries in it each single time you play with that you understand without a doubt that they are not vacant.

The Golf Clash will not turn on when I flick the switch on the ground to 'on'.

The moment you've inserted the batteries in the Golf Clash and flicked the switch to 'on' the display should light up. Assess whether the 3 AA batteries are full and that they've been inserted the right way round if it wouldn't. The position is shown in the battery.

Is it Feasible to pause the Golf Clash?

It is not possible.

Can I play on after the 60 minutes are up?

It's true, you are able to: the Golf Clash will start to count from 0 to 60 which means you're able to see just how many minutes you want to finish the mystery.

The keys pop out once I make an effort to enter the code.

Push on the keys and hold them down with your hands on. The Golf Clash will enroll whether the right code has been entered by you.


Where do I download the free app?

It's possible to use the app to obey exciting desktop for each motif and also to share with you a selfie on media revealing your final time. The app is available to download in the app store or perhaps the Google Play store. Search getaway room the game.

May be the program also constructed for my phone?

There's a possibility that the app won't focus on your cell phone, although we have done our absolute best to make the program designed for many phones as possible. Never mind; it is still possible to play the game as ordinary. Let us know which operating system you use and which phone you have, and we're going to examine the options.

I can not see the program in the app-store or Google Play store.

If that's the situation, the app isn't readily available for your phone.

If you can't find answer for your question - contact with us by our form: here